What is digital marketing and what tools, techniques, platforms are used?

The internet has endless possibilities, it is one of the most relevant technological advances of humanity, it allows us to evolve in a dizzying way the way we do everyday and daily things, it has incredible flexibility, we can change paradigms, customs and traditional ways to do things, in the shortest time, without so much effort, is really amazing.

The services that we can enjoy through the network are so varied and necessary. Who can imagine the world today without Google or other browsers? How many times has saved from trouble? Not just browsers, devices like Alexa, which make any task around the home easy.

All this technology empowers businesses today, the level of entrepreneurship has skyrocketed compared to previous years, everyone has an idea and everyone has the tools to carry them out, but sometimes, they don’t know they exist, or how use them to your advantage.

If the Internet has infinite possibilities, how can I know that I am exploiting it to the fullest for the benefit of my business? I’m going to show you everything that a Digital Marketing specialist can do for your business.

Inbound Marketing

Attraction Marketing as its name indicates, the objective of this Marketing is to get to know your customers, your target audience, to create strategies focused on satisfying their real needs and establish a communication channel in both directions.

The strategy is to discover the interests of the public through online search tools and publish materials that satisfy them.

When that is put into practice continuously, you create your audience, generating a constant communication channel with it. In other words, the company talks to its audience, not just messages.

Consequently, your posts are being searched for by more and more people. Through this communication, it is possible to understand the increasingly specific interests of the public and move forward to serve them.

Here are some of the most important all-in-one inbound marketing tools, which allow you to perform multiple functions from a single platform.

Marketo: Comprehensive marketing organization and management solution where we can control automation tasks, inbound marketing, email, social networks, events, sales and financial management. One of its strengths is the lead score, although it comes at a fairly high price.

Eloqua: It has a very friendly and easy-to-use user interface. With the most modern technology for Marketing and great customer service. The negative is that you must integrate it with the financial data of the company.

HubSpot: One of the most popular Digital Marketing tools today, it has inbound marketing tools to attract, convert and manage sales with customers. It is excellent value for money, as well as offering trial time before you buy to test services and tools.

Act-On: It is a software based on the simplification of processes. It is designed for users who are looking for a product at a competitive price, but with the necessary functionalities to develop an inbound marketing campaign.

Pardot: Software that belongs to Salesforce (leading CRM system in the market), so it allows a good integration with this platform. It is also a valid option to design and implement inbound marketing actions.

These are some examples, there are thousands of online systems that offer functionalities to carry out successful inbound marketing.

Content marketing

Communication is the basis of human relationships, it is very difficult to make a special and lasting relationship when we cannot communicate well, Content Marketing is based on the use of strategies that allow us to communicate effectively with online users, leads and our clients. We are going to define it as the strategic process of publishing relevant and valuable materials and information, in order to attract, convert and enchant the audience.

For that, you need to spread your content in regions of the Internet that are attractive to you.

There are some standardized methods for this, such as a corporate blog, company site, and social media profiles. Other tools are: Allows you to create an infographic without being an expert on the subject. In three simple steps you will have the infographic you needed and for free.

Envato: The Envato environment offers us endless templates and designs of all kinds. Websites, blogs, psd, music, videos, effects and a long list of creative products for you to make use of.

Folyo: It is a private community of designers and creatives where we can choose the one that most        we like or are interested in developing our project.

One hour translation: Human translation service in more than 75 different languages. Fast and efficient

PlayFilm: Interactive video creation software with endless possibilities at the integrated marketing level. It allows you to create entire funnels without leaving the video.

Marketing on social media

The social network, another impressive invention of the internet, it changed the way we communicate, we get closer in an easier and more attractive way with our friends, family, etc., no matter where you are in the world, your community is multicultural, multilingual, everything is incredible.

Of course this also applies to business, it is an effective way to create an online community around your business, with real people talking about your products and services, giving feedback to your company and getting to know your customers in a more intimate and personal way, a channel of communication where you publish content of your business and get reactions from your community at the moment, you can effectively measure the acceptance of what you offer. You can also segment your target audience, search for people by their interests, send publications to specific groups, of course, since these options are paid, obviously that is the profit of all social networks.

An effective social media strategy must generate a significant participation in the generation of traffic for your domain, but, at the same time, it is a channel of communication and dissemination of the brand.

The social networks that are in trends and that will dominate in 2022 are:

Facebook: The social media giant will continue to trend in 2022, now with the new name of its company Meta and the Metaverse project proposed by the company’s CEO, it continues to be the most used social network in the world with more than 2,200 million active users per month. Thanks to the fact that this platform is one of the ones with the greatest possibilities for creating content, it will continue to show itself as a leader over the others. It also provides various options for businesses to promote their brands.

Twitch: It is a streaming platform that has managed to demonstrate its importance within the internet community and its characteristics make it belong within the platforms that should be focused on to carry out new marketing strategies. It allows us to create different content that was of particular interest to users during the pandemic; Europa Press mentions that this platform has grown by 16.5 percent in the first quarter of 2021, achieving a historical maximum of 6,300 million hours viewed compared to the 1,060 million hours of Facebook Gaming and YouTube Gaming. Its effectiveness lies in the fact that we can enjoy various contents that show us a closer side between influencer and user, achieving greater connectivity by having the opportunity to make daily naturalized talks even with soccer stars.

Twitter: Twitter has been effective in the face of new trends, in addition to its latest updates and future plans with new functions, they will allow it to have even more support from the influencer and content creator community, since it will support them with the possibility of monetization (even with Bitcoins), creation of audio content, provide financial, technical and marketing support (the navigation is less annoying). Twitter will grow its level of influencers membership during 2022.

TikTok: According to The Social Media Family, TikTok achieved a user increase of 60 percent in 2019, in 2020 the app was downloaded more than 14 million times and is currently the seventh most used social network in the world. The user has shown his comfort in front of this platform since it is ideal to be entertained for short periods of time due to its short videos, which are easily viralized and which shows thousands of people making content that you are looking for; This platform will continue to grow and will become one of the social networks that will dominate during 2022.

Instagram: The platform most used by influencers worldwide, will continue to trend thanks to its image and video format, where brands and other idols are present. In addition, its reels have shown effectiveness in the acceptance of content, however, this will not have an exponential growth during 2022 unless it opts for some new update.

You know, if your business does not have a presence in these social networks, you are losing millions of people who may need your products or services but do not know you.

Email Marketing

Once the aforementioned strategies have the desired effect, you will have a database full of information about potential customers or customers who have already enjoyed your products or services. So you can send emails for commercial purposes to a group of contacts obtained by your efforts and digital strategies or by an Internet company that is dedicated to selling user contacts online.

It allows you to strengthen your brand, sales generation, communication with customers and potential customers, whether in an e-commerce store or in any company that offers products and services.

The direct communication channel with the user is an unbeatable tool, and it can bring very effective results. In fact, it is possible to segment your lists following various factors, such as the opening rate of emails, responses, downloads of a material, among others.

Here are some Email Marketing software:

GetResponse: Tool dedicated to covering all the tasks of e-mail marketing. It allows you to import lists, create and design emails, automate shipments and publish quality landing pages. In addition, it has a free 30-day version.

Vero: A smart email sending tool. With this tool you will be able to insert and follow metadata with events, follow the actions that your clients carry out on their mobile phones, send transactional emails or send newsletters.

Aweber: You can manage your leads and automate nutrition lead chains to bring them closer to your product or service progressively. It also allows you to create subscription forms so that you can grow your database quickly.

Mailchimp: The email marketing tool par excellence and most popular on the market. From the platform you can manage your subscriber lists and launch automated and personalized email chains. It has an analytics section and is easily integrated with services such as Facebook, Twitter, SurveyMonkey or Eventbrite, among others.

Conversational Marketing: This type of marketing aims to establish and maintain a close relationship with future clients, using personalized conversation through a real person or a chatbot. It is really useful to give the customer a scalable personalized service, from the marketing department to the sales department. This concept is especially oriented to feedback. That is, listening to potential customers individually, understanding their concerns and needs to provide them with useful content based on their requests.

Affiliate Marketing: A very common way to generate income with Digital Marketing is through affiliates. If you sell a product or service, you can create a network of blogs and sites that can market your product in exchange for a commission. In the same way, if you own a blog or site and receive a lot of traffic, you can be paid to facilitate or generate sales for a producer. Generally, this is done through a banner or sponsored content.

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